Outgoing Information - Moving Out of Your Property

When it comes to the end of your tenancy with Your Place, we try to make it as smooth as possible. We advise in this regard, that you read through the information below and take note. Please address any questions that you may have regarding the below to info@yourplaceuk.com.

Moving Out

The property is available until 2pm on the 30th of June. All tenants must vacate the property by this time / date. Prior to leaving the property, the final tenant to leave is required to book an outgoing inspection and to complete a communal checklist (attached). Failure to do so will incur a charge and we would encourage you to do so as soon as possible to ensure you receive the slot you want. Please also note, if you have not booked a final outgoing inspection then you risk being charged for any outstanding issues.


All tenants must physically return their keys to the office with a bedroom checklist (attached), you will be required to sign as acknowledgement that the keys have been returned. Failure to return keys by 2pm on the 30th of June could incur a charge as high as 100.00. If front door keys aren't returned, the lock will need to be replaced which would result in a further charge. If you are missing any keys, please contact the office as soon as possible.

Cleaning Service

Your Place are offering an end of tenancy cleaning service. The associated cost would be met by you. An outgoing inspection will still be undertaken in order to inspect for damages, and please note that any unreported damages to the property will still be charged to you via invoice. The service can be tailored to you so if this is of interest, please contact Your Place to enquire. The price list is attached to the email for information.

If you wish to clean the property yourselves, please use the checklist(s) to assist you with cleaning. If you require hard copies of the checklist(s), please call into the office. All appliances should be cleaned / defrosted, emptied and switched off prior to leaving the house. The doors to the fridge, freezer & washing machine should be left open to stop any mould growth during the summer. If you complete all the jobs on the list to a good standard, then the chances of Your Place placing a charge / charges against you will be low. Tenants wishing to move out early should drop their individual list in to the office when they hand their keys back. When the last tenant to leave arranges an outgoing inspection, then, we will take the list with us and cross reference the list with the condition of your bedroom.

Weekend Services

Your Place will be open on the 23rd of June and the 30th of June to undertake outgoing inspections and to assist with the moving out process.

Rubbish collection and Recycling

Your Place can arrange for all rubbish to be collected at the end of your tenancy for an agreed fee. If this is something of interest, it is your responsibility to get in touch. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure the property is free from rubbish if you don't decide to utilise our rubbish removal service. If the purple / blue bins are overfilled / contaminated and won't be collected by Liverpool City Council, there will be a charge. Please check the Liverpool City Council website for guidance on what / what not to place in the bins.

Gas & Electric Meters

If your property has pre-pay meters, you should ensure there is sufficient credit [on the meters] to allow for the appliances and alarm system to function properly up until the Tenancy end date. There is a standing daily charge so please allow 0.70p per day for electricity and 0.30p per day for gas. Should a meter run out of credit and Your Place are called out to top up the meter and disable the alarm, you will be charged.

For properties with billing meters, Your Place will take a final meter reading on or before the Tenancy end date. Should these final reads and the bill take you over your fuel allowance, the remaining amount will be billed to you directly. Should the amount due remain outstanding, the account will be transferred into all tenant's names and be chased by the supplier.

Chargeable issues (Examples)

The following list identifies chargeable items relating to the move-out process: -

- Rubbish left inside the house or in either yard; Contamination of blue recycling bins; Over-filling of purple waste bin; Not cleaning the property and / or appliances; Topping up meters; Damaged walls including marks and holes; Damaged furniture; Damaged flooring;

Should there be any outstanding issues with the property or any new issues which haven't been reported, please report these as soon as possible as this may reduce the charge applied to you following the move out.

The above should assist you with the moving out process but should you have any queries, want to book an outgoing inspection or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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