Ingoing Information - Moving Into Your Property

When it comes to the beginning of your tenancy with Your Place, we try to make it as smooth as possible. We advise in this regard, that you read through the information below and take note. Please address any questions that you may have regarding the below to

Moving in Date(s)

Unless your Tenancy Agreement has been adapted to confirm an alternative move-in date [which is the case for some of our properties], it is assumed that your Tenancy Agreement will start on 2 July 2018. As such, your house will be available from that date. In order to assist Your Place with our procedures, it would be appreciated if you could confirm your intended moving in date as soon as possible.

You would be required to book in an ingoing inspection, allowing Your Place to arrange for a representative to meet you at the property for the move in, in order to undertake a full ingoing inspection. You will not be able to collect the keys from our office and move in to the property without a representative being present. Please book in as soon as possible as slots are subject to availability and we assume slots on the 2nd of July, will be in demand.

A representative from Your Place will bring all keys and these will be left with the first tenant to move in. Your Place will also provide a file containing valuable information and guidance. The first tenant to move in would be asked to sign the ingoing inspection sheet along with acknowledgement that all keys were handed over and the file was received.

Under no circumstances will tenants be allowed to move into or drop belongings off at the property before the tenancy start date.

PLEASE NOTE: You'll be aware that most of current Tenancy Agreements end on 30 June 2018. Whilst some Tenants opt to leave earlier than that date, then, it is possible that the property will be occupied up to and including 30 June. As such, as I trust you can appreciate, it is not always possible to clean a property in the time between outgoing Tenants leaving and ingoing Tenants moving in, and so you should be aware that your property might NOT be 'ready' when you first move in. Cleaning, though, will be carried out in priority order and Your Place will endeavour to ensure that all properties are cleaned as soon as possible.

Finally, and as referred to within clause 13.2 of the AST Agreement, please be aware that under no circumstances, Your Place will not allow you to move in to the property until ALL requisite paperwork [for that property] has been received.

I hope the above helps with regards to moving in and we look forward to hearing from you in due course. Should you have any queries or require any further information at this stage, though, then please do not hesitate to contact the office where someone will be happy to help.
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